Screenshot of Gleneagles homepage


Gleneagles came to us with a big website that didn’t have the best user journey and so they wanted a new website that would be very easy to navigate and that would show off all of the different activities and amenities available at the hotel.

This project was a truly massive undertaking, taking almost a year to complete in a team of about 4 developers. I learned so much on this project and it was a really great experience.

Screenshot of Gleneagles homepage

We used ACF (Advance Custom Fields) combined with BEM methodology  and SCSS to make the website as modular as possible which was very important for a website this size. The site needed to house so much content that creating flexible, reusable modules was crucial. This site had lots of carousels so we went with Swiper.js which is really amazing and very easy for everyone to get set up and use in no time. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to make some cool carousels, I use it in all my projects now.

Screenshot of Gleneagles homepage

We made use of Waypoints to handle the on scroll animations that are used through the site. It’s a nice little JS library that is very easy to use and has some great docs available.