Innovative hotspot html email for Betsson

Hotspot email

Betsson tasked the team with creating an innovative hotspot email for them. They wanted it to promote the Wimbledon Men’s singles that was about to start at the time.

The designers done a great job and the concept of how the hot spot email would work was really cool. You can find a link to the code here.

This was a very tricky email to build, I didn’t want to use anything as a template so I decided to build it from scratch so I knew the code inside and out. This would be very important when it came to QA’ing the email. It was built using the famous checkbox hacking technique , as well as lots of css animations and it has lots of fallbacks to make it work across as many browsers as possible. Betsson was overwhelmed with how the email turned out, and so were we.

The email was so well received that it was even put on the main stage at the Litmus conference and was shown as an example of excellent email innovation for it’s use of checkbox hacking. This was a very proud moment for me, it’s always nice to have your hard work recognised.