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Hi, I’m Dalton Walsh, I’m a Front End Developer working at a digital advertising agency in Manchester. I have over 9 years of commercial experience, and in that time I’ve worked with some pretty big names. I’ve worked as part of teams, led many projects, pitched new ideas and helped teach and up-skill my team.

I’ve always had a real passion for learning and I love that the web is a forever changing landscape, as it means you are always kept on your toes and always striving to learn the next thing. I also love the fact that working in this industry I get to combine creativity and problem solving which is just awesome.

Do you have a website idea that you want to bring to life? Feel free to get in touch, I’m always looking for small projects to keep me busy 07476989688.

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Brands i've worked with

Here are some of the big name brands that I’ve worked with. Check out some examples of my work.

My first foray into the exciting world of coding was doing email development at an advertising agency. I used to have fun creating anything from standard newsletters, to wild crazy innovative little oddities to pitch to clients and pique their interest.

Now I spend most of my time creating efficient, modular code for WordPress themes and static sites. I love trying to make the code as simple and reusable as possible, using DRY methodology for PHP, JS, SCSS etc. Recently I’ve also been having fun expanding my JS capabilities by learning the Javascript framework React. I have a growing list of personal projects that I plan to use React as the base so it has been super useful learning it.

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