Oh My AI

Artificial Intelligence of some sort or another has been around for a number of years now, but as each day goes by it just keeps getting better and better. Every day I’m seeing at least 3 or 4 new AI tools on Product Hunt so, seeing some of these amazing applications recently has inspired me to write about some of them.

Runway Video Editor

This exciting new video editor bills itself as the “fastest way to edit video” and it certainly looks that way.

It provides many different time-saving functions that would normally take a long time to do so manually.

The first is background removal, essentially offering a post-greenscreen to use on-demand.

Next up is the “Inpainting” tool, this one allows you to quickly remove objects from videos. The term inpainting was new to me, but after doing some research there are a number of free online inpainting tools that are for photographs only, such as theInpaint.com. In addition to this, the latest Google Pixel phone had this feature and having seen it done in person, it is very cool.

I had a quick play of the video editor with some video I took ages ago and the greenscreen works well.



This is an incredibly exciting project that’s been getting a lot of hype recently. DALL·E is a tool for generating images by just entering a string of text, and it’s amazing what it can come up with. It’s so creative that you wouldn’t believe a robot is behind it.

Check out some examples below:


Erase.bg, Upscale.media, WatermarkRemover.io

I’ve decided to group these three together since they’re all made by the same company. This is an example of something doing exactly what it says on the tin, they all seem to work pretty well in my testing. Not much more to say other than try them out for yourself, they’re great. Erase.bg, Upscale.media, WatermarkRemover.io.

They also have a really excellent image compression tool in their catalogue that I’ve started to use instead of what I used previously because it’s so good.

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